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Dr. Abdel-Rahman Al-Qawasmi

Curriculum Vitae

  • PROFESSION :  Electronics & Communication Associate Professor
  •  NATIONALITY:   Jordanian
  •  OFFICE & TEL. NOS.  :  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  Al-Majmaah University-   Engineering Faculty –  Electrical Engineering Department   Mobile No.  +966-531404525 E- Mail: a.alqawasmi@mu.edu.sa   qawasmi@alqawasmi.org
  •  HOME ADDRESS  :  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Al-Majmaah City Tel No.: .  +966-531404525  E- Mail:  telecomjo@gmail.com
  •  EDUCATION  :  B.S. & M.Sc. Radio &Electronics Engineer Kiev University of Civil Aviation, Ukraine 1994 “ Study and Design of a Receiver of Discrete Wide-band Signals with Frequency  Modulation”.  Ph.D. Telecommunications: Kiev University of Civil Aviation, Ukraine 1999 “Enhancement the effectiveness of Mobile telecommunication systems of civil Aviation based on improvement of the quality of Demodulators of wide-band signals” 


  • 1/9/2011-Now (Majmaah University): Associate professor in Electrical Department/College of Engineering
  • Director of Computer Centre
  • 24/5/2010-31/8/2011 (Philadelphia University): Associate professor in Communication and Electronics Engineering Department.
  •  1/9/2001-24/5/2010 (Philadelphia University): Assistant professor in Communication and Electronics Engineering Department.
  •  1/9/2005-1/9/2010 (Philadelphia University): Chairman of Communication and Electronics Department.
  • 1/7/2000-1/5/2001 (Queen Alia Airport): Communication Engineer

OTHER EXPERIENCE (Al-Majmaah University)

  • Member of Study plans and Program Unit in Vice Rector of Educational Affairs
  • Coordinator of Advising Academic unit
  • Head of Quality Center
  • Coordinator of Study Plans and Programs unit:
  • Coordinator of  study plans committee
  • Member of QA unit
  • Member of Scientific Engineering club
  • Member of Study program committee
  • Member of Faculty strategy plan committee
  • Member of University Self-Evaluation for Academic Accreditation

OTHER EXPERIENCE (Philadelphia University)

  • Quality Assurance (QA) coordinator (2005-2010).
  • Member of Distance E-learning Deanship.
  • Chairman of Organizing Committee of the 6th International Philadelphia Engineering Conference (2006).
  • Chairman of Communications & Signal Processing Conference. IEEE SSD’8 Jordan 2008
  • Member of program committee of SSD’9
  • Chairman of Communications & Signal Processing Conference. IEEE SSD’10 Jordan 2010.
  • Chairman of Advisory committee (2003-2005)
  • Member of Culture Philadelphia Newspaper (2009)
  • Chairman of Examination Committee (2008)
  • Member of Faculty Council (2003-2010)
  • Member of Foreign Language council (2009)


  • Member of Jordanian Engineering Association since 1994-until now.
  • Member of IEEE association (Communication and Signal Processing)


Teaching experience (Majmaah University):

  • Control Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Electrical Measurements
  • Digital Communications
  • Wireless Communications
  • Optical Communications
  • Biomedical Control Systems
  • Medical Analogue Signal Processing
  • Wireless Communications and Networks

Teaching experience (Philadelphia University):

  • Engineering Mathematics 1
  • Engineering Analysis 1 (Differential Equation)
  • Engineering Analysis 3(Complex analysis)
  • Communication 1
  • Optical Communications
  • Electric Circuit Lab
  • Digital Communications
  • Engineering Project
  • Mobile Communications
  • Communications II
  • Communication Engineering
  • Analogue Communications
  • Communication Networks
  • Signal Analysis & Processing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Communications Lab
  • Special Topics in Communications
  • Analogue Communications Lab

Supervised Project: Philadelphia University: over 70 Engineering projects in the area of Communications and Electronics Engineering. The main Projects are:

  • Automatic Wireless Irrigation System Using Solar System.
  • Wireless Temperature Measuring System
  • Home automation System.
  • Wireless Control multifunction System.
  • Water level Control using Ultrasonic Waves.
  • Wireless Irrigation System using PC.
  • Digital Filters Simulation and Design.

Majmaah University:

  • Wireless Temperature communication system using ZigBee Technology
  • IR control system for various purposes.


Supervisor of Master Thesis titled: Information Exchange using Bluetooth Network through WLAN. (Mutah University)

External Examiner of number of Master Thesis discussed at State Universities in Jordan.

LANGUAGES:   Arabic , English and Russian

SKILLS:    VB Programming, Web Design and Microsoft Certificated


  • ICDL Certificate (2002)
  • Distance Learning Certificate (UNISCO-2010)
  • Enhanced Academic Research English Language program (England 2003)
  • Many certificates related to teaching, research and management.


  • Best Instructor in Engineering Faculty 1432/1433 (Philadelphia University)
  • Best Instructor in College of Engineering (Majmaah University)

Published Papers (Books, Journals and Conferences):